Alan E. Nourse Resurrected

Alan E. Nourse Resurrected: The Works of Alan E. Nourse – Now available from Resurrected Press!

Alan E. Nourse was both a physician and a writer. He produced most of his work in that period known as the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction. Best known for his novel Star Surgeon, he was also a prolific author of short stories during the 50’s. This collection includes some of his best from that era including “Derelict,” “The Coffin Cure,” “Bear Trap,” “Contamination Crew”, “Infinite Intruder”, “Letter of the Law”, “PRoblem”, “Martyr”, “The Native Soil”, “An Ounce of Cure”, “The Dark Door”, “Meeting of the Board”, “Circus”, “My Friend Bobby”, “The Link”, “Image of the Gods”, and “Second Sight”.

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