Anybody but Anne by Carolyn Wells

Anybody but Anne by Carolyn Wells

At first, Raymond Sturgis wasn’t sure he should accept an invitation to a weekend house party from his childhood sweetheart, Anne. Anne had married the millionaire David Van Wyck while he had pursued his education and career. But when he does accept, he finds himself at the center of a mystery, for David Van Wyck is found dead, locked within his study. There is no sign of forced entry, no apparent weapon and a valuable pearl necklace is missing. There is no lack of people with motives, for Van Wyck was an overbearing and cruel man who was about to deprive his heirs of his fortune, but how the crime was committed remains a mystery. Finally, in desperation, the famous detective, Fleming Stone, is called in, and Sturgis hopes that when he finds the murderer it is . . . Anybody But Anne!

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