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Hume, Fergus

No. 13 Geneva Square had a dubious reputation. Murder had been done there long ago, and the house had sat empty for twenty years, believed by many to be haunted. When a mysterious stranger rents the house, nothing changes, as shadowy figures are seen inside at night when the tenant is out. Then on Christmas Day, the occupant is found stabbed to death. When the police fail to find the murderer it falls to a young barrister, Lucian Denzil, to discover the secret of The Silent House!

Professor Braddock hoped to compare the burial practices of the Egyptians with those of the ancient Peruvians with his latest acquisition, the mummy of the last Inca, Caxas. But on arrival, the packing case proved to hold not the mummy, but the body of his assistant Sidney Bolton. It falls to Archie Hope to discover the murderer if he is to marry the professors step-daughter, Lucy Kendal. Who killed Bolton and where is the mummy? Was it the sea captain Hervey? The mysterious Don Pedro? Cockatoo the Polynesian servant? The professor, himself?
And what has become of the emeralds? These are the questions that Hope must answer amongst the secrets of the past in … The Green Mummy.

“Truth is said to be stranger than fiction, and certainly the extraordinary murder which took place in Melbourne Friday morning goes a long way towards verifying that saying.” Thus opens The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, the best selling mystery of the nineteenth century. When a man is found dead in a hansom cab one of Melbourne’s leading citizens is accused of the murder. He pleads his innocence, yet refuses to give an alibi. It falls to a determined lawyer and an intrepid detective to find the truth, revealing long kept secrets along the way. Fergus Hume’s first and perhaps most famous mystery… The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab.