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Croft, Freeman Wills

The Ponson Case

The Ponson Case by Freeman Wills Croft When the battered body of Sir William Ponson is found in the Cranshaw River near his home, Luce Manor, it is uncertain whether it is an accident, suicide—or murder. When the evidence points to the latter Inspector Tanner of Scotland yard is called in. Those who would benefit […]

It seemed an innocent enough puzzle at first, a truck with one number plate when first seen, but another when seen a few hours later. But Seymour Merriman and his friend, Claud Hilliard, soon become convinced that the Pit- Prop Syndicate is a front for some sort of illegal activity. They just can’t figure out the what or how. But when one of the members of the syndicate is found murdered in a taxi, it becomes a matter for the professional detectives of Scotland Yard who must solve the secret of The Pit-Prop Syndicate!