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Leiber, Fritz

Changewar, the age old battle across the breadth of time and space between the Spiders and the Snakes. Fought for leaders unseen, for reasons unknown, where defeat, or victory, may result in your never having been. One of the greatest concepts of science fiction, it was first introduced by Fritz Leiber in his Hugo winning novel, The Big Time. Now, Resurrected Press brings you that novel along with its sequel, No Great Magic, as they first appeared in the pages of Galaxy.

This book includes two novels from Fritz Leiber.

The Night of the Long Knives: In a post apocalyptic world it’s a struggle just to stay alive. Two strangers discover a secret in the Deathlands. Does it promise release or destruction?

The Creature from Cleveland Depths: Gusterson lives a precarious life on the surface, making inventions for those who have sought shelter below ground. When one of his ideas goes awry he has to find a solution to save the world!