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H. B. Fyfe

It’s a big, bad galaxy out there, and there are plenty of ways for Earthmen to fall afoul of the local natives. Whether its by crash-landing on an alien world, violating the customs of a puritanical religion, ending up as a specimen in an inverted aquarium, or reasons unknown, Earthmen could find themselves imprisoned on an alien world with no way out. But when that happens there is one agency they can turn to, the super-secret D-99. A small group of men and women who one way or another attempt to rescue those who normal diplomatic means have failed. Though, technically, they don’t even exist, you can always count on… D-99!

H. B. Fyfe wrote in that golden age of science fiction before reality had intruded to spoil imagination. His stories dealt mostly with the interaction of humans and aliens on far off worlds in ways that were as creative as they were imaginative. Most of his works have long been out of print and hard to find, but Resurrected Press , with this volume gives you these stories included in the Fyfe Resurrected Anthology: “In Value Deceived”, “The Envoy, Her”, “This World Must Die”, “Ransom”, “Manners of the Age”, Let There Be Light”, “Exile”, “Irresistible Weapon”, “Fee of the Frontier”, “A Transmutation of Muddles”, “The Wedge”, “Satellite System”, “The Outbreak of Peace”, “Flamedown”, and “The Talkative Tree”.