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Fletcher, J. S.

The Herapath Property

When Jacob Herapath, the wealthy property developer, is found dead in his office, a revolver at his side and a bullet wound to the head, the time of death is placed a midnight. Remarkably, his driver left him off at his home an hour later where he consumed a scotch and several sandwiches. Something is obviously amiss.

Rayner Slade

The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher When businessman Marshall Allerdyke receives a late night message to meet his cousin in Hull, he makes a late night drive only to find on his arrival that his cousin is dead. Further investigation reveals that he had been carrying a fortune in jewels that has now gone […]

When the manager of a small bank in the English village of Scarnham failed to appear to open the bank on a Monday morning, it was assumed to be a matter of a missed train. But when the bank’s owners reported missing securities and Lady Ellersdeane’s jewels – worth a hundred thousand pounds – can’t be found, things take a more serious turn. Has the manager, formerly a pillar of honesty, absconded with the missing items, or has something more sinister occurred? When a body is found at the bottom of an abandoned lead mine, the latter seems more likely. Wallington Neale, the bank’s assistant manager, must discover whether it is a case of embezzlement or if the events the result of… The Chestermarke Instinct!

The enclosure of the ancient cathedral at Wrychester was a picturesque setting of half ruined, ivy covered walls, an expanse of turf with old cypress and yew and studded with tombs and gravestones. It was known to the locals by the time-honored name of Paradise. A peaceful scene until a stranger is found dead, having fallen from the cathedral gallery. Who was he? Did he fall, or was he pushed? Suspicion falls on a local physician, on whom the stranger had called minutes before he met his death. But there are many more secrets lurking behind… The Paradise Mystery!

A mysterious one-eyed stranger, a midnight meeting at a lonely spot on the Scottish border, the secret password “Panama”, and a corpse! This is the situation Hugh Moneylaws, a young law clerk finds himself facing. Who murdered the man he was sent to meet, and why? With the only two men who knew the purpose of the meeting dead, it would seem a puzzle that would never be solved. Yet to save himself and his fiancée, Hugh must solve the puzzle of the “Dead Men’s Money”.

When Richard Viner discovers a body on an evening stroll he quickly finds himself “In the Middle of Things.” Called upon to prove the innocence of a school chum and protect the interests of the young ward of the murdered man he must not only find the real murderer, but who the victim was and why he was murdered. The trail of clues and deceptions leads him ever farther into The Middle of Things.

The murder of two brothers at the same time. though six hundred miles apart, is only the first of many mysteries surrounding Ravensdene Court. How could the two brothers have been murdered when they were both on a ship that went down with all hands off the coast of China three years earlier? What was the significance of the etching on the tobacco box that disappeared from the inquest? Why was someone looking for the Chinaman Chuh Fen who supposedly went down on the same ship as the two murdered brothers? Find the answers in this tale of intrigue, mystery, and buried treasure within the pages of … Ravensdene Court.


Bassett Oliver, the famed actor, has gone missing. When Oliver fails to show for a rehearsal, aspiring playwright Richard Copplestone finds himself sent to the small village of Scarhaven on the northern coast of England to track down the actors movements. What he finds is mystery. What has become of Bassett Oliver? Has he had an accident? Or was it murder? And if so, who killed him? The poacher? The estate manager? The squire? Find the answers as Copplestone unravels the mystery of Scarhaven Keep.

When an elderly pawnbroker is murdered in the London parish of Paddington, a young, down on his luck writer is accused of the crime. But then it’s found the pawnbroker had had in his possession an extraordinary South African diamond worth over eighty-thousand pounds — a diamond that’s now missing. It falls to Melky Rubenstein to unravel the mystery and prove the young man’s innocence. But what is the significance of the Spanish manuscript? What part do the Chinese medical students play? And what about the mysterious Mr. Mori Yada? Find the answers in The Orange-Yellow Diamond!

When an elderly man’s body is found on the steps of chambers in the Midde Temple, one of the Inns of Court, it falls to newspaperman Frank Spargo and Detective-Sergeant Rathbury to solve the crime. The murdered man, for indeed it was murder, was found with no money or identification on his person except for a piece of paper with the name and address of a young barrister. Who is the victim? Why was he killed? Who is the murderer? These are the questions that Spargo and Rathbury must answer in The Middle Temple Murder.