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Schmitz, James H.

When the Old Galactics disappeared thirty thousand years earlier, they left behind the plasmoids, organic machines capable of amazing feats that will bring power and wealth to whoever controls them. Trigger Argee, a young, beautiful agent in the Precolonial Department, finds herself drawn into the efforts to keep the plasmoids from falling into the wrong hands. Caught up in a swirl of espionage and intrigue that sweeps across the Galaxy, she must face new dangers at every turn, unable to distinguish friend from foe. But the greatest danger she faces just might be the Old Galactics’… Legacy!

James H. Schmitz and “Space Opera” were almost synonymous. He was best known for his tales of interstellar secret agents and, galactic criminals, and particularly for heroines like Telzey Amberdon and Trigger Argee. This collection of stories, while not lacking in cosmic adventures also shows that he was capable of showing other facets in his work. Find adventure, humor and fear in… Schmitz Resurrected! Stories include: An Incident on Route 12, Watch the Sky, The Other Likeness, The Star Hyacinths, Oneness, The Winds of Time, Ham Sandwich, Gone Fishing