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Tracy, Louis

The Sandling Case

Captain Mannering, until recently employed on the Indian frontier, had returned to Britain after twelve years. Seeking shelter from a storm while on a hike across the Yorkshire dales, he discovers the body of an eminent scientist in an isolated cottage. He finds himself caught up in a case of murder and international intrigue assisted by a beautiful lecturer in technology, the famous pair of detectives, Winter and Furneaux, and the Fox Terrier Tags, as he tries to prevent a secret formula from falling into the hands of both German and Bolshevik agents.

The House of Peril by Louis Tracy After a dinner-party to celebrate the engagement of one of their members, twelve young men, all veterans of the recent war in France, and all from the best New York families are found unconscious in the drawing-room of a Fifth Avenue mansion. A thirteenth, the engaged man, lies […]

A well known actress is found dead in a pond near the home of an author who had proposed marriage to her three years earlier, unaware that she was married. As the local police in the small village of Steynholme are unprepared to handle such a murder, two of Scotland Yard’s finest detectives, Winter and Furneaux are called in to solve the case. But who is the murderer? The author, who discovered the body? The husband with a shady past? The horse breeder who has a grudge against the author? And what part in the affair, exactly is played by… The Postmaster’s Daughter?

When Ronald Tower, one of New York’s wealthy elite, is pulled into the river, it at first seems to be a simple case of robbery gone wrong. But as the case unfolds it proves to involve blackmail and political intrigue at the highest levels of the American government. With the fate of a U. S. senator and the young woman he loves in the balance, Rex Carshaw must unravel… The Bartlett Mystery!

Four men murdered, a fortune in diamonds belonging to the Turkish Sultan stolen and the Foreign Office representative in charge has gone missing. This is the situation that Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective is faced with. Set against a background of international intrigue, Brett must recover the gems and determine whether the missing man is a victim or the culprit in… The Albert Gate Mystery!

When financier Mortimer Fenley is shot dead on the steps of his country home by an unknown assassin using an express rifle it falls to Superintendent James Winter and Detective Inspector Charles Furneaux to find the culprit. Is it the artist who was seen on the grounds of the estate just after the shot? Or the younger son, Robert, who had threatened to kill his father? Fenley’s older son, Hilton, and his ward, Sylvia Manning, would seem to have alibis, but do they? Find the answers to The Strange Case of Mortimer Fenley!