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Leinster, Murray

Murray Leinster Resurrected

For over five decades, Murray Leinster was one of the most respected names in science fiction. Though he began writing at the dawn of the pulp era his work evolved with the times. The ten stories collected here appeared during the 50’s, that “Golden Age” of the genre. Spanning the gamut from alien invasions to alternate realities, they form a fitting display of his talents in what was his fourth decade as a writer. Resurrected Press is proud to bring you Murray Leinster Resurrected.

Exiled when his home world was overrun by the Mekinese, and with his refuge now about to be conquered, Captain Bors has no one to turn to. No one, that is, until the president of Talents, Incorporated offers him the services of an odd collection of individuals with an odder set of talents. Bors doesn’t see how this motley assemblage of misfits can possibly help. But with the situation desperate, the captain finds himself engaging the services of… Talents, Incorporated!

The Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster – Now Available from Resurrected Press! Bran Hoddan just wanted to be an electronic engineer and marry a delightful girl.  But when he’s framed by the powers that be on the planet Walden he’s forced to flee, ending up on the primitive planet of Darth.  Pursued by people […]

When Professor Denham and his daughter are marooned in the fifth-dimension, it is up to playboy mathematician Tommy Reeves to rescue them. But to do this he not only must recreate the professor’s invention, the fifth-dimension catapult, he must also battle not only monsters and the Ragged Men in the fifth dimension but also gangsters in his own! This book contains two complete novellas from the pages of Astounding Stories; “The Fifth-Dimension Catapult” and “The Fifth-Dimension Tube.”

Lockley was on a routine surveying mission near Boulder Lake, Colorado when a mysterious object from space appears to land in the lake. When radio contact with the rest of the survey party is interrupted, most men would have tried to escape, but Lockley’s first thought was of Jill Holmes and rescuing her. Facing a terrifying incapacitating weapon of the aliens and a government quarantine surrounding the landing site he hopes to escape from… Operation Terror!