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Lockley was on a routine surveying mission near Boulder Lake, Colorado when a mysterious object from space appears to land in the lake. When radio contact with the rest of the survey party is interrupted, most men would have tried to escape, but Lockley’s first thought was of Jill Holmes and rescuing her. Facing a terrifying incapacitating weapon of the aliens and a government quarantine surrounding the landing site he hopes to escape from… Operation Terror!

A shot in the dark, a missing body, and the mysterious man in the bathrobe from the apartment below. These are the facts facing detective Dave Morgan of the Chicago police when he’s called to an apartment on Sheridan Road. But these facts prove to be just the beginnings of a case involving much more than simple murder. Follow his steps as he seeks to find the answers to… The Sheridan Road Mystery.

When an elderly pawnbroker is murdered in the London parish of Paddington, a young, down on his luck writer is accused of the crime. But then it’s found the pawnbroker had had in his possession an extraordinary South African diamond worth over eighty-thousand pounds — a diamond that’s now missing. It falls to Melky Rubenstein to unravel the mystery and prove the young man’s innocence. But what is the significance of the Spanish manuscript? What part do the Chinese medical students play? And what about the mysterious Mr. Mori Yada? Find the answers in The Orange-Yellow Diamond!

When Spike Walters picked up a cab fare after midnight outside Union Station during a driving snowstorm he considered himself lucky. The fare, an attractive young woman, gave him an address on the outskirts of town. Yet when he arrived at the address, the woman was gone. In her place was a man, or rather, his body. This is the mystery that Detective David Carroll must solve in… Midnight.

Professor Braddock hoped to compare the burial practices of the Egyptians with those of the ancient Peruvians with his latest acquisition, the mummy of the last Inca, Caxas. But on arrival, the packing case proved to hold not the mummy, but the body of his assistant Sidney Bolton. It falls to Archie Hope to discover the murderer if he is to marry the professors step-daughter, Lucy Kendal. Who killed Bolton and where is the mummy? Was it the sea captain Hervey? The mysterious Don Pedro? Cockatoo the Polynesian servant? The professor, himself?
And what has become of the emeralds? These are the questions that Hope must answer amongst the secrets of the past in … The Green Mummy.

“Truth is said to be stranger than fiction, and certainly the extraordinary murder which took place in Melbourne Friday morning goes a long way towards verifying that saying.” Thus opens The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, the best selling mystery of the nineteenth century. When a man is found dead in a hansom cab one of Melbourne’s leading citizens is accused of the murder. He pleads his innocence, yet refuses to give an alibi. It falls to a determined lawyer and an intrepid detective to find the truth, revealing long kept secrets along the way. Fergus Hume’s first and perhaps most famous mystery… The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab.

When an elderly man’s body is found on the steps of chambers in the Midde Temple, one of the Inns of Court, it falls to newspaperman Frank Spargo and Detective-Sergeant Rathbury to solve the crime. The murdered man, for indeed it was murder, was found with no money or identification on his person except for a piece of paper with the name and address of a young barrister. Who is the victim? Why was he killed? Who is the murderer? These are the questions that Spargo and Rathbury must answer in The Middle Temple Murder.

When young Dr. Jardine discovers a dead body he promptly reports it to the police, only to find the body gone when they investigate. Later, three mysterious attempts on his own life are made. Why is someone trying to kill him? Is the reason related to the missing corpse or to some other factor? What is the significance of the reliquary he found at scene of the missing body? These are the questions that Dr. John Thorndyke, noted lecturer in forensic medicine, must unravel in A Silent Witness.

When Harry Marsland was caught in a sudden down pour he sought shelter at Cliff Farm. Met at the door by a young woman clearly expecting someone else he is only too glad to get inside to wait out the storm. When they hear a noise upstairs in the deserted house they investigate only to discover the body of the farm’s owner, Frank Lumsden, dead of a gunshot wound. Who then, killed Lumsden, and why? Who was the woman expecting and did she have any roll in the murder? These are the questions that private detective Crewe must answer in The Mystery of the Downs.

Robert Turold had spent his life trying to prove his claim to an ancient title. Yet, when it seems he is about to finally succeed, his body is found in a remote cottage on the Cornish coast, an apparant suicide. When his sister expresses her doubts to the police, Scotland Yard is called in and agree that it is murder. But the room where the victim was found was locked and faced a perilous cliff overlooking the sea. Who then killed Robert Turold? His daughter, who he was planning to disown? His brother who stands to inherit? The mysterious servant? Find out in The Moon Rock!