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Though A.A. Milne is best known for his children’s books, don’t expect to find Pooh Bear or Tigger in The Red House Mystery. Written a few years before Winnie the Pooh’s debuts, The Red House Mystery was dedicated to Milne’s father who delighted in mysteries. Instead of the denizens of the hundred acre wood we have a country house full of guests down for a week of golf and relaxation. Instead, when the black sheep brother of the house’s owner returns after fifteen years in Australia he is promptly murdered and the owner is missing. See another side of the well known author in the only mystery novel he ever wrote.

An ancient curse had predicted that the Heredith line would end in horror. Now it seems that curse may well come true. The young wife of the last of the Heredith family has been found murdered in her bed while guests of the Heredith moat-house dine below. Philip Heredith lies ill from the strain. Scotland Yard quickly makes an arrest, but when doubts arise the celebrated private detective Grant Colwyn is called in to investigate. Who killed Violet Heredith? How could they have escaped from an upstairs room past a house full of people? And what has become of the famed Heredith pearls? Find the answers to these and more questions in The Hand in the Dark!

When archaeologist Roger Glenthorpe is found murdered in a remote seaside inn on the Norfolk coast, it seems to the local police to be an open and shut case. The only question is whether the shell shocked soldier that is arrested will be found guilty or judged insane due to furor epilepticus. But when private detective Grant Colwyn is called in to investigate he finds more than one reason to think the young man is innocent. But who then did commit murder? The cash strapped innkeeper? The innkeeper’s mother who is confined to her room because she is given to violent outbursts? The innkeeper’s beautiful daughter? What role does the spectral White Lady play? Does her appearance really presage death? And what is the source of the hideous shrieking that comes from the prehistoric flint pit where the body was found?

After a rough crossing from Dover, Colonel Basil Annesley finds he is the only passenger on the Engardine Express from Calais to Lucerne. That is, he is the only passenger until a mysterious woman shows up at the last minute to book a compartment for her servant, an infant and herself.

Before “The Orient Express” there was The Rome Express. The very words conjure up a romantic time when travel, at least for those who could afford a compartment in a first class car, was elegant and refined. One could board the night train in Rome, dine along the way, sleep in comfortable accommodations and wake up at the station in Paris refreshed and ready to go.

The Hampstead Mystery by Arthur J. Rees and John R. Watson.

Follow the details of this amazing case at it plays out across Hampstead, London and Scotland until it reaches a stunning conclusion in the courts of the Old Bailey.

A fabulous gem of unrivaled size and clarity. Rumored to have been the property of Rodrigo Borgia, father of Cesare and Lucrezia. A stone with a history of bad luck attached to it. One time owner Luca Paternostro was murdered by a thief a few days after it came into his possession. A courier was lost at sea while transporting it. Now, the latest owner, Felix Page, a wealthy Chicago financier is found dead in his mansion and the Paternoster Ruby has gone missing once again.

John Bellingham, noted Egyptologist has vanished not once but twice in the same day. Now Dr, Thorndyke must unravel the tangled claims on his estate, solve the riddle of the missing man and find the “Eye of Osiris”.

Now available from Resurrected Press – The Red Thumb Mark from The Dr. Thorndyke Series by R. Austin Freeman.

The first of Dr. Thorndyke’s cases finds him trying to prove the innocence of a young man accused of being a diamond thief despite the fact that his finger print was found at the scene of the crime.

The preeminent Edwardian forensic specialist Dr. John Thorndyke is back with eight new cases as narrated by his loyal assistant Dr. Jervis. The latest scientific techniques are used to free the innocent and convict the guilty. Whether it’s microscopy, photograph, plaster casts of foot prints or ballistics no criminal can escape Thorndyke’s intellect and the able assistance of Jervis and the clever hands of Polton. Read the details of how he does it in John Thorndyke’s Cases.