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Mari Wolf Resurrected

In the early 50’s Mari Wolf was well known in the science fiction fan scene. During this period she wrote a column on this topic for the magazine Imagination. But she was also a science fiction author in her own right, producing a small, but interesting body of work.

Murray Leinster Resurrected

For over five decades, Murray Leinster was one of the most respected names in science fiction. Though he began writing at the dawn of the pulp era his work evolved with the times. The ten stories collected here appeared during the 50’s, that “Golden Age” of the genre. Spanning the gamut from alien invasions to alternate realities, they form a fitting display of his talents in what was his fourth decade as a writer. Resurrected Press is proud to bring you Murray Leinster Resurrected.

Historians of the mystery story credit Edgar Allan Poe with the invention of both the fictional detective and the detective story. With the publication of “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841, Poe initiated a genre that has survived and prospered to this day. His creation, the detective Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin served as a model for many subsequent sleuths, and he introduced many of the staples of the detective story such as the locked room.

A well known actress is found dead in a pond near the home of an author who had proposed marriage to her three years earlier, unaware that she was married. As the local police in the small village of Steynholme are unprepared to handle such a murder, two of Scotland Yard’s finest detectives, Winter and Furneaux are called in to solve the case. But who is the murderer? The author, who discovered the body? The husband with a shady past? The horse breeder who has a grudge against the author? And what part in the affair, exactly is played by… The Postmaster’s Daughter?

Young Helen Vardon contracts marriage with a man many years her senior in the mistaken believe that it was the only way to prevent her father from being sent to prison. By doing so, she unleashes a chain of events that ultimately leads to suspicion falling on her in the case of her husband’s death. As usual, it falls to Dr. John Thorndyke, the eminent forensic expert, to unravel the facts and find the truth behind… Helen Vardon’s Confession!

When two unemployed young people in post World War I England decide to seek their fortunes by becoming “Young Adventurers” little did they know that their first commission would lead them into a web of intrigue and deceit. They find themselves searching for secret diplomatic papers which may be in the possession of a mysterious Jane Finn who survived the sinking of the Lusitania only to have gone missing for the last five years, papers, which if revealed to the world would rock the government to its very core. In this, the second novel of Agatha Christie, we are introduced to that delightful pair, Tommy and Tuppence, as they track down the missing girl, recover the lost documents, and confrot The Secret Adversary!

A horrific crime has been committed at the Villa Rose in Aix-les-Bains, France. A wealthy woman has been strangled, a fortune in jewelry is gone, and the young Englishwoman who was her companion has gone missing. The natural conclusion is that the Englishwoman played a role in the crime, but her fiancé, Harry Wethermill, induces the cleverest of French detectives, Hanaud, to take on the case in an attempt to prove her innocence. Along with his friend Mr. Ricardo, it becomes his task to find the girl and solve the murder At the Villa Rose!

Includes THREE full length books: The Wilderness Hunter, Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches, and Hunting Trips of a Ranchman. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, is perhaps the most multifaceted person ever to hold that office. In his career in public service he was by turns a politician, soldier, reformer, and statesman. As a private citizen he was known as a historian, explorer, author, outdoorsman and conservationist.

From the pages of Astounding Stories comes this Ray Cummings tale of time and terror. When two men from 20th Century New York discover a Revolutionary War maiden in distress, they are led on an adventure from one end of time to the other, facing death rays, giant robots intent on the destruction of New York, and a strange, misshapened man from the future who is… The Exile of Time!

Alan E. Nourse was both a physician and a writer. He produced most of his work in that period known as the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction. Best known for his novel Star Surgeon, he was also a prolific author of short stories during the 50’s. This collection includes some of his best from that era.