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It seemed an innocent enough puzzle at first, a truck with one number plate when first seen, but another when seen a few hours later. But Seymour Merriman and his friend, Claud Hilliard, soon become convinced that the Pit- Prop Syndicate is a front for some sort of illegal activity. They just can’t figure out the what or how. But when one of the members of the syndicate is found murdered in a taxi, it becomes a matter for the professional detectives of Scotland Yard who must solve the secret of The Pit-Prop Syndicate!

The enclosure of the ancient cathedral at Wrychester was a picturesque setting of half ruined, ivy covered walls, an expanse of turf with old cypress and yew and studded with tombs and gravestones. It was known to the locals by the time-honored name of Paradise. A peaceful scene until a stranger is found dead, having fallen from the cathedral gallery. Who was he? Did he fall, or was he pushed? Suspicion falls on a local physician, on whom the stranger had called minutes before he met his death. But there are many more secrets lurking behind… The Paradise Mystery!

Four men murdered, a fortune in diamonds belonging to the Turkish Sultan stolen and the Foreign Office representative in charge has gone missing. This is the situation that Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective is faced with. Set against a background of international intrigue, Brett must recover the gems and determine whether the missing man is a victim or the culprit in… The Albert Gate Mystery!

A mysterious one-eyed stranger, a midnight meeting at a lonely spot on the Scottish border, the secret password “Panama”, and a corpse! This is the situation Hugh Moneylaws, a young law clerk finds himself facing. Who murdered the man he was sent to meet, and why? With the only two men who knew the purpose of the meeting dead, it would seem a puzzle that would never be solved. Yet to save himself and his fiancée, Hugh must solve the puzzle of the “Dead Men’s Money”.

When Robert Anstey, KC happens upon a robbery and murder it is only natural that his employer, Dr. John Thorndyke, should be called in to solve the case. That it should require such a famous forensic expert is evident as the crime presents a puzzle. The objects of the theft were baubles of no intrinsic value. The one real clue soon proves worthless. It will require all of Thorndyke’s skill and knowledge to find the murderer, and in the process protect the life of a young woman who is the only witness. To catch the criminals he must decode a mystery a century and a half old and solve the puzzle of… The Cat’s Eye!

This book includes two novels from Fritz Leiber.

The Night of the Long Knives: In a post apocalyptic world it’s a struggle just to stay alive. Two strangers discover a secret in the Deathlands. Does it promise release or destruction?

The Creature from Cleveland Depths: Gusterson lives a precarious life on the surface, making inventions for those who have sought shelter below ground. When one of his ideas goes awry he has to find a solution to save the world!

Lord Loudwater was a perfectly detestable person so, when he was found stabbed to death in his study, there were no shortage of suspects. Was the murderer the much abused wife who he had threatened with scandal and divorce? Or the wounded Colonel Gray who had fallen in love with her? Or the fiancée who he had jilted? Or had the butler, who had just been dismissed, done it? Or, had it been an act of suicide? With a surfeit of suspects, all of whom are lying, it falls to Detective Flexen to answer this question in The Loudwater Mystery!

When the American plutocrat Sigsbee Manderson is found dead on his estates, Philip Trent is asked by the editor of the Record to investigate the mysterious case. What caused Manderson to rise in the middle of the night and leave the house without properly dressing and without his false teeth? Who did he meet and why? Who was the murderer? Marlowe, his personal secretary? Brunner, his business assistant? Or his beautiful wife? Will Trent be able to solve the mystery? Or will this be Trent’s Last Case?

When the wealthy Mrs. Inglethorpe is found poisoned at her country estate of Styles, it is fortunate that the most Belgian of detectives, Hercule Poirot is staying in the neighboring village. But who is the murderer? The recent husband of the deceased, one of her sons by a previous marriage; John or Lawrence, her protégé, Cynthia, who had access to poisons at the local hospital, or someone else? This, the first mystery of Agatha Christie, features not only the Poirot, but Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp as well. It is up to Poirot to solve the case of The Mysterious Affair at Styles!

James H. Schmitz and “Space Opera” were almost synonymous. He was best known for his tales of interstellar secret agents and, galactic criminals, and particularly for heroines like Telzey Amberdon and Trigger Argee. This collection of stories, while not lacking in cosmic adventures also shows that he was capable of showing other facets in his work. Find adventure, humor and fear in… Schmitz Resurrected! Stories include: An Incident on Route 12, Watch the Sky, The Other Likeness, The Star Hyacinths, Oneness, The Winds of Time, Ham Sandwich, Gone Fishing