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Wells, Carolyn

Faulkner's Folly by Carolyn Wells

The lights go out in the studio of wealthy artist Eric Stannard. When they come on a moment later, the artist is dead, his heart pierced by an etching needle. But who is the murderer? The artist’s wife, jealous of her husband’s young model? The model, who felt pressured by the unwanted attentions of the artist? The artist’s son, who was in love with the model? Or the neighbor, who was in love with the artist’s wife? An impossible crime for which Alan Ford must find a solution in Faulkner’s Folly a classic Carolyn Wells mystery.

The Bride of a Moment by Carolyn Wells

A lovely June wedding, a beautiful young bride, a church crowded with family and friends, and moments after the vows are said the bride lying dead, struck down by an unknown assassin. Death comes to the town of Bascombe Fells and threatens to tear it apart as the townspeople wonder who was the murderer.

Anybody but Anne by Carolyn Wells

At first, Raymond Sturgis wasn’t sure he should accept an invitation to a weekend house party from his childhood sweetheart, Anne. Anne had married the millionaire David Van Wyck while he had pursued his education and career. But when he does accept, he finds himself at the center of a mystery, for David Van Wyck is found dead, locked within his study. There is no sign of forced entry, no apparent weapon and a valuable pearl necklace is missing.

The Curved Blades

When a wealthy middle aged woman is found dead in her boudoir the only thing that seems certain is that robbery is not the motive. She was found wearing a fortune in pearls and other jewels, and with a paper snake wrapped around her neck. Even more bizarrely, she had been killed twice, once by poison and once by a blow to the head.

The White Alley

White Birches was virtually impregnable. An old, expansive estate that had been in the Arnold family for generations, it was surrounded by a tall stone wall with broken glass embedded in the top, while the mansion itself had the latest in alarms and locks. So when the owner, Justin Arnold disappears during the course of a house party he was giving for his fiancee it poses a complete mystery.

The Chain of Evidence

A man is found murdered in a locked Manhattan apartment, the only other inhabitants of which were his niece and a servant. The niece, under suspicion, will be indicted unless Otis Landon, a young lawyer from the apartment across the hall can discover the real killer. The clues, a safety deposit key, a woman’s hat pin without a head, a railroad timetable, and two music hall tickets, each point to a different person, none of whom can have committed the crime.

Corinth is a small, New England college town. The biggest concern is the recent selection of a new president of the university and his upcoming nuptials. With the exception of a few grumblings of the selection process, everything is going fine. That is until a strange new woman comes in to town. Who is she? Why is she there? And when murder strikes the quiet little town, everyone wonders what role was played by . . . The Mystery Girl

The Vanishing of Betty Varian

When on a picnic, Betty Varian and her father return to the house for a forgotten camera the father is murdered and daughter disappears. As the rest of the party were waiting on the only path to the house, in plain sight of the front door, the crime presents a seemingly unsolvable mystery. Was it a murder or a suicide? A kidnapping? And what has happened to the girl, Betty Varian?

The Room with Tassels

It had seemed an idyllic way for a group of wealthy New Yorkers to spend a summer month, researching the supernatural in a reputed haunted mansion in the depths of Vermont’s Green Mountains. That is until two of their number are mysteriously struck down at afternoon tea.

The Clue

On the eve of her wedding, a beautiful heiress is found stabbed to death in the library of her mansion. A suicide note is found next to her body, but the evidence points to murder. The house had been securely locked with no sign of a break in. Suspicion falls by turns to the groom who loved another, the cousin who stands to inherit her fortune, the woman the groom loves, the murdered woman’s secretary, and the former lover of the murdered woman’s uncle who will inherit the mansion. The authorities can come to no solution of the mystery. They call on the services of the famed detective Fleming Stone to resolve the case. In the end, his solution rests on a single tiny clue.