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The Campanile was a fashionable apartment building in the heart of Manhattan. It was known for its elaborate façade and an ornate lobby featuring large onyx pillars. It was a perfectly respectable place with perfectly respectable well to do tenants, that is until one of them, Sir Herbert Binney, owner of the well known Binney’s Bun company is found dead in its lobby, clutching a paper on which he had scrawled “women did it.”

The Man who Fell through the Earth

As a young lawyer is about to leave his office on the top floor of a Madison Avenue office building, he hears an argument followed by a shot from the office across the hall. But when he goes to investigate he finds no sign of either victim or assailant despite the fact that no one could have passed him without being seen. However, as is soon discovered, a murder has indeed been committed, that of the banker who owned the building…

Vicky Van

Victoria Van Allen was an elegant young woman who lived in a tasteful house just off of Fifth Avenue where she often hosted bridge parties attended by the most respectable people. Imagine their surprise when a guest, a wealthy millionaire, is stabbed to death at one of these salons, and Vicky Van, as she was known to her friends, disappears before the police can be summoned.

The Herapath Property

When Jacob Herapath, the wealthy property developer, is found dead in his office, a revolver at his side and a bullet wound to the head, the time of death is placed a midnight. Remarkably, his driver left him off at his home an hour later where he consumed a scotch and several sandwiches. Something is obviously amiss.

The Penrose Mystery

Daniel Penrose, an eccentric collector of antiquities and jewelry has gone missing. The police position is that he is on the run because of his involvement in the death of an elderly woman while driving intoxicated on sherry. Dr. John Thorndyke, noted expert in forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence, is not so sure.

The Sandling Case

Captain Mannering, until recently employed on the Indian frontier, had returned to Britain after twelve years. Seeking shelter from a storm while on a hike across the Yorkshire dales, he discovers the body of an eminent scientist in an isolated cottage. He finds himself caught up in a case of murder and international intrigue assisted by a beautiful lecturer in technology, the famous pair of detectives, Winter and Furneaux, and the Fox Terrier Tags, as he tries to prevent a secret formula from falling into the hands of both German and Bolshevik agents.

The House of Peril by Louis Tracy After a dinner-party to celebrate the engagement of one of their members, twelve young men, all veterans of the recent war in France, and all from the best New York families are found unconscious in the drawing-room of a Fifth Avenue mansion. A thirteenth, the engaged man, lies […]

Rayner Slade

The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher When businessman Marshall Allerdyke receives a late night message to meet his cousin in Hull, he makes a late night drive only to find on his arrival that his cousin is dead. Further investigation reveals that he had been carrying a fortune in jewels that has now gone […]

The Ponson Case

The Ponson Case by Freeman Wills Croft When the battered body of Sir William Ponson is found in the Cranshaw River near his home, Luce Manor, it is uncertain whether it is an accident, suicide—or murder. When the evidence points to the latter Inspector Tanner of Scotland yard is called in. Those who would benefit […]

A daring daylight art theft from a crowded museum, a secret document centuries old, and a hidden treasure, these are the elements of the title story in this collection of tales by R. Austin Freeman. Though best known for his famous forensic sleuth, Dr. John Thorndyke, Freeman also on occasion wrote stories featuring other characters.