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The Penny Parker Mystery Story Series – Now available from Resurrected Press! This series was written by Mildred A. Wirt,   (July 10, 1905 – May 28, 2002).  Mildred Wirt was an author of children’s books.  She most famously wrote several of the books in the Nancy Drew series as a ghostwriter, under the name Carolyn Keene. Born […]

Sight Unseen and the Confession by Mary Roberts Rinehart – Now available from Resurrected Press! Sight Unseen – The Confession: Two novels by Mary Roberts Rinehart Sight Unseen When a group of neighbors hold a séance after one of their regular dinner parties, they were expecting to be amused. not to have the medium give […]

The old man sitting in the corner of the Aerated Bread Company tea room had some interesting ideas about the solutions to crimes that had baffled the best efforts of Scotland Yard and other police agencies. Unfortunately for the cause of justice, the only person he confides in is a young newspaperwoman named Polly Burton. She listens intently as he presents his answers to a dozen of the most spectacular crimes in Britain and abroad. Are his deductions correct, or are they just the ramblings of. . . The Old Man in the Corner?

When the manager of a small bank in the English village of Scarnham failed to appear to open the bank on a Monday morning, it was assumed to be a matter of a missed train. But when the bank’s owners reported missing securities and Lady Ellersdeane’s jewels – worth a hundred thousand pounds – can’t be found, things take a more serious turn. Has the manager, formerly a pillar of honesty, absconded with the missing items, or has something more sinister occurred? When a body is found at the bottom of an abandoned lead mine, the latter seems more likely. Wallington Neale, the bank’s assistant manager, must discover whether it is a case of embezzlement or if the events the result of… The Chestermarke Instinct!

When a body dressed only in a pair of pince-nez glasses is found in the bathtub at 59 Queen Caroline Mansions in Battersea, the only thing that becomes obvious is that it is not the body of the financier, Sir Reuben Levy. But whose body is it, and how did it get into the apartment of middle-aged architect Alfred Thripps? And by the way, what has become of Sir Reuben? These are the questions Lord Peter Wimsey must resolve in order to solve the mystery of… Whose Body?

When Ronald Tower, one of New York’s wealthy elite, is pulled into the river, it at first seems to be a simple case of robbery gone wrong. But as the case unfolds it proves to involve blackmail and political intrigue at the highest levels of the American government. With the fate of a U. S. senator and the young woman he loves in the balance, Rex Carshaw must unravel… The Bartlett Mystery!

It seemed an innocent enough puzzle at first, a truck with one number plate when first seen, but another when seen a few hours later. But Seymour Merriman and his friend, Claud Hilliard, soon become convinced that the Pit- Prop Syndicate is a front for some sort of illegal activity. They just can’t figure out the what or how. But when one of the members of the syndicate is found murdered in a taxi, it becomes a matter for the professional detectives of Scotland Yard who must solve the secret of The Pit-Prop Syndicate!

The enclosure of the ancient cathedral at Wrychester was a picturesque setting of half ruined, ivy covered walls, an expanse of turf with old cypress and yew and studded with tombs and gravestones. It was known to the locals by the time-honored name of Paradise. A peaceful scene until a stranger is found dead, having fallen from the cathedral gallery. Who was he? Did he fall, or was he pushed? Suspicion falls on a local physician, on whom the stranger had called minutes before he met his death. But there are many more secrets lurking behind… The Paradise Mystery!

Four men murdered, a fortune in diamonds belonging to the Turkish Sultan stolen and the Foreign Office representative in charge has gone missing. This is the situation that Reginald Brett, Barrister Detective is faced with. Set against a background of international intrigue, Brett must recover the gems and determine whether the missing man is a victim or the culprit in… The Albert Gate Mystery!

A mysterious one-eyed stranger, a midnight meeting at a lonely spot on the Scottish border, the secret password “Panama”, and a corpse! This is the situation Hugh Moneylaws, a young law clerk finds himself facing. Who murdered the man he was sent to meet, and why? With the only two men who knew the purpose of the meeting dead, it would seem a puzzle that would never be solved. Yet to save himself and his fiancée, Hugh must solve the puzzle of the “Dead Men’s Money”.