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Resurrected Press Series

Jesse F. Bone Resurrected

Jesse Franklin Bone is one of those writers from the Golden Age of Science fiction who’s works appeared regularly in the late 50’s and early 60’s, but whose work now is unfortunately largely forgotten and hard to find.

Mari Wolf Resurrected

In the early 50’s Mari Wolf was well known in the science fiction fan scene. During this period she wrote a column on this topic for the magazine Imagination. But she was also a science fiction author in her own right, producing a small, but interesting body of work.

Murray Leinster Resurrected

For over five decades, Murray Leinster was one of the most respected names in science fiction. Though he began writing at the dawn of the pulp era his work evolved with the times. The ten stories collected here appeared during the 50’s, that “Golden Age” of the genre. Spanning the gamut from alien invasions to alternate realities, they form a fitting display of his talents in what was his fourth decade as a writer. Resurrected Press is proud to bring you Murray Leinster Resurrected.

Young Helen Vardon contracts marriage with a man many years her senior in the mistaken believe that it was the only way to prevent her father from being sent to prison. By doing so, she unleashes a chain of events that ultimately leads to suspicion falling on her in the case of her husband’s death. As usual, it falls to Dr. John Thorndyke, the eminent forensic expert, to unravel the facts and find the truth behind… Helen Vardon’s Confession!

Alan E. Nourse was both a physician and a writer. He produced most of his work in that period known as the “Golden Age” of Science Fiction. Best known for his novel Star Surgeon, he was also a prolific author of short stories during the 50’s. This collection includes some of his best from that era.

The Penny Parker Mystery Story Series – Now available from Resurrected Press! This series was written by Mildred A. Wirt,   (July 10, 1905 – May 28, 2002).  Mildred Wirt was an author of children’s books.  She most famously wrote several of the books in the Nancy Drew series as a ghostwriter, under the name Carolyn Keene. Born […]

Robert Sheckley was one of the most interesting science fiction authors of the 50’s and 60’s. While he wrote in the same language of aliens and spaceships as many of his contemporaries, he used his works as a mirror in which he showed us a reflection of society with all its flaws and foibles.

Space Pirates, spaceship graveyards, Martian monsters, Vestan mind parasites, these are just a few of the things contained in this collection of stories drawn from the pages of Astounding, Amazing Stories, and Weird Tales. Edmond Hamilton was one of the most popular writers during the 30’s and 40’s, the period that saw the first flowering of modern science fiction. Resurrected Press is delighted to bring you this collection of some of his most intriguing works in Edmond Hamilton Resurrected.


During an era when women rarely appeared in science fiction magazines, Evelyn E. Smith appeared regularly in the pages of Galaxy and Fantastic Universe. Wry, humorous, and occasionally sardonic, she brought a feminine touch to what was predominantly a male world. Her aliens were a little different, and her humans were, well, just a little alien. Resurrected Press is proud to return these stories to print in Evelyn E. Smith Resurrected. Stories included are: “Collector’s Item”, “The Vilbar Party”, “Helpfully Yours”, “The Doorway”, “The Venus Trap”, “Once a Greech”, “The Most Sentimental Man”, “The Blue Tower”, and “My Fair Planet”.

When Robert Anstey, KC happens upon a robbery and murder it is only natural that his employer, Dr. John Thorndyke, should be called in to solve the case. That it should require such a famous forensic expert is evident as the crime presents a puzzle. The objects of the theft were baubles of no intrinsic value. The one real clue soon proves worthless. It will require all of Thorndyke’s skill and knowledge to find the murderer, and in the process protect the life of a young woman who is the only witness. To catch the criminals he must decode a mystery a century and a half old and solve the puzzle of… The Cat’s Eye!