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The Dr. John Thorndyke Series

John Bellingham, noted Egyptologist has vanished not once but twice in the same day. Now Dr, Thorndyke must unravel the tangled claims on his estate, solve the riddle of the missing man and find the “Eye of Osiris”.

Now available from Resurrected Press – The Red Thumb Mark from The Dr. Thorndyke Series by R. Austin Freeman.

The first of Dr. Thorndyke’s cases finds him trying to prove the innocence of a young man accused of being a diamond thief despite the fact that his finger print was found at the scene of the crime.

The preeminent Edwardian forensic specialist Dr. John Thorndyke is back with eight new cases as narrated by his loyal assistant Dr. Jervis. The latest scientific techniques are used to free the innocent and convict the guilty. Whether it’s microscopy, photograph, plaster casts of foot prints or ballistics no criminal can escape Thorndyke’s intellect and the able assistance of Jervis and the clever hands of Polton. Read the details of how he does it in John Thorndyke’s Cases.

In The Mystery of 31 New Inn, Dr. Jervis is whisked away in a coach with no windows to an unknown location. There he is asked to treat a man in a coma from unknown causes, but quickly comes to suspect that the man is being poisoned. With the help of Dr. John Thorndyke he is later able to find the house, but there is no trace of either the patient or those who summoned him. Has murder been committed, and how do these strange events relate to Thorndyke’s current case? These are the questions that Dr. Thorndyke, expert of medical jurisprudence