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Science Fiction

In this continuation of Andre Norton’s Time Trader series, a spaceship carrying modern day Apaches is sent in an attempt to colonize one of the worlds revealed by the time agents. But when the ship crashes, the colonists find they must fight not only a hostile world, but also their cold war enemies, for survival on their new home.

Cold War opponents battle for the possession of the artifacts of an alien space faring race in a search across prehistoric Europe. In the first book of one of Norton’s best known series, agents from the modern world disguise themselves as bronze age traders to discover the source of technological secrets suddenly appearing in the arsenals of the Eastern powers. What they find is the remnants of an alien civilization that spanned the galaxy.

FBI Agent Kenneth Malone faces his toughest challenge yet, discovering why the government operates so inefficiently. Is it a plot by some mastermind operating out of the Kremlin? Or is it an even deeper conspiracy whose goal is to sow confusion and chaos throughout the world. Will Malone be able to find the cause of the mysterious psychic static causing the disruption? What will he find when he faces the Supermind? CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION RESURRECTED FROM RANDALL GARRETT AND LAURENCE JANIFER WRITING AS MARK PHILLIPS

The Impossibles, by Randall Garrett and Laurence Janifer – Now Available from Resurrected Press! FBI Agent Kenneth Malone is back with another case, this one involving a gang of car thieves that only steal Red 1972 Cadillacs. The only problem is that the thief, or thieves as the case may be, seem to have the […]

After two unsuccessful and seemingly random attempts on his life in the space of as many hours, Michael Raphael Gabriel finds himself called on to act as engineering officer on a new type of spacecraft designed for one mission only, to carry a giant computer to a distant destination before it can destroy the Earth. But once underway he discovers there is a murderer on board and the computer has gone crazy in… Unwise Child!

Of all the cities on all the planets of the Solar System, Marsport was the most corrupt. So when one-time prize-fighter, cop, and reporter, Bruce Gordon ends up with a one way ticket to Mars, it was only natural that he would find himself walking a beat collecting graft like the rest of the force. Just trying to survive, he finds himself caught in the middle between two rival gangs as they battle for control of the planet.

Robert Sheckley was one of the most interesting science fiction authors of the 50’s and 60’s. While he wrote in the same language of aliens and spaceships as many of his contemporaries, he used his works as a mirror in which he showed us a reflection of society with all its flaws and foibles.

Space Pirates, spaceship graveyards, Martian monsters, Vestan mind parasites, these are just a few of the things contained in this collection of stories drawn from the pages of Astounding, Amazing Stories, and Weird Tales. Edmond Hamilton was one of the most popular writers during the 30’s and 40’s, the period that saw the first flowering of modern science fiction. Resurrected Press is delighted to bring you this collection of some of his most intriguing works in Edmond Hamilton Resurrected.


It’s a big, bad galaxy out there, and there are plenty of ways for Earthmen to fall afoul of the local natives. Whether its by crash-landing on an alien world, violating the customs of a puritanical religion, ending up as a specimen in an inverted aquarium, or reasons unknown, Earthmen could find themselves imprisoned on an alien world with no way out. But when that happens there is one agency they can turn to, the super-secret D-99. A small group of men and women who one way or another attempt to rescue those who normal diplomatic means have failed. Though, technically, they don’t even exist, you can always count on… D-99!

When the Old Galactics disappeared thirty thousand years earlier, they left behind the plasmoids, organic machines capable of amazing feats that will bring power and wealth to whoever controls them. Trigger Argee, a young, beautiful agent in the Precolonial Department, finds herself drawn into the efforts to keep the plasmoids from falling into the wrong hands. Caught up in a swirl of espionage and intrigue that sweeps across the Galaxy, she must face new dangers at every turn, unable to distinguish friend from foe. But the greatest danger she faces just might be the Old Galactics’… Legacy!