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Science Fiction

Marscorp wants to preserve its lucrative control of the trade between worlds. The rebel group The Phoenix wants to break that stranglehold either by developing psychic powers or adapting humans so that they survive Martian conditions. But the real Martians, the “children of the past”, have their own agenda if only Dark Kensington and Maya Nome can figure it out and determine what their own place is in the scheme of things as they become… Rebels of the Red Planet

There was nothing unusual about the traffic accident victim with a broken leg until intern Frank Corson found he had two heartbeats. He thought that strange, but not as strange as passing the identical man in the street a few minutes later. One by one eight identical strangers are discovered, five dead, and each with two hearts. Eight artificial creatures, identical in every respect down to the fingerprints, and none of them human. They claim they are the vanguard of an alien invasion. And there are two more on the loose. To stop the destruction of the human race, we must stop the… Ten From Infinity.

What do you do when an alien with exceptional physical abilities crash lands on Earth and leaves a path of death and destruction in its wake? You use biological modification to create an enhanced human able to match the alien in strength and speed. But is the result still human? Find the answer to this question in Randall Garrett’s novel Anything You Can Do…

Who controls power controls the Solar System, and Interplanetary Power, through its power accumulators controls power. Spencer Chambers, the president of Interplanetary Power, used that control to rule the Solar System with an iron thumb that allowed no dissent. When Russell Page and his friend Harry Wilson develop and alternative source of power they find themselves drawn into a conflict that will decide the fate of the system, and whether man will live in freedom or as slaves. Will they succeed, or will Interplanetary Power keep its Empire?

Exiled when his home world was overrun by the Mekinese, and with his refuge now about to be conquered, Captain Bors has no one to turn to. No one, that is, until the president of Talents, Incorporated offers him the services of an odd collection of individuals with an odder set of talents. Bors doesn’t see how this motley assemblage of misfits can possibly help. But with the situation desperate, the captain finds himself engaging the services of… Talents, Incorporated!

The Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster – Now Available from Resurrected Press! Bran Hoddan just wanted to be an electronic engineer and marry a delightful girl.  But when he’s framed by the powers that be on the planet Walden he’s forced to flee, ending up on the primitive planet of Darth.  Pursued by people […]

During an era when women rarely appeared in science fiction magazines, Evelyn E. Smith appeared regularly in the pages of Galaxy and Fantastic Universe. Wry, humorous, and occasionally sardonic, she brought a feminine touch to what was predominantly a male world. Her aliens were a little different, and her humans were, well, just a little alien. Resurrected Press is proud to return these stories to print in Evelyn E. Smith Resurrected. Stories included are: “Collector’s Item”, “The Vilbar Party”, “Helpfully Yours”, “The Doorway”, “The Venus Trap”, “Once a Greech”, “The Most Sentimental Man”, “The Blue Tower”, and “My Fair Planet”.

Mayfield was a typical small town in rural America. Nothing much ever happened there. Then, one day, cars stopped working, the bearings seized and pistons welded to the cylinder walls. Generators stopped working. The railroads ceased to run. Bit by bit the trappings of civilization no longer functioned. Was it a new additive in the gasoline? Or was it something brought on by the strange comet that hung ominously in the sky? Whatever it was, the citizens of Mayfield knew that life would never be the same after The Year When Stardust Fell!

When it is discovered that a series of alien installations is destabilizing the sun, the experimental spaceship Magellan is called on to disable them before the sun goes nova. On an incredible voyage of exploration, the Magellan and her intrepid crew travels from one end of the solar system to the other, facing new dangers with every landing. But to stop the aliens from implementing their plans for destruction, they must venture out to the planet Pluto and discover The Secret of the Ninth Planet!

During the 30’s, the magazine Astounding Stories of Super Science was one of the premier venues for science fiction. One of the most popular characters from this time was the scientist, Dr. Bird, who with his friend, Secret Service Operative Carnes, strove endlessly to thwart the plots of criminals and Russian agents against the United States using the best scientific knowledge of the time. Now, Resurrected Press has brought together eleven of these stories from the pages of Astounding in… The Astounding Adventures of Dr. Bird.