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Science Fiction

Changewar, the age old battle across the breadth of time and space between the Spiders and the Snakes. Fought for leaders unseen, for reasons unknown, where defeat, or victory, may result in your never having been. One of the greatest concepts of science fiction, it was first introduced by Fritz Leiber in his Hugo winning novel, The Big Time. Now, Resurrected Press brings you that novel along with its sequel, No Great Magic, as they first appeared in the pages of Galaxy.

This book includes two novels from Fritz Leiber.

The Night of the Long Knives: In a post apocalyptic world it’s a struggle just to stay alive. Two strangers discover a secret in the Deathlands. Does it promise release or destruction?

The Creature from Cleveland Depths: Gusterson lives a precarious life on the surface, making inventions for those who have sought shelter below ground. When one of his ideas goes awry he has to find a solution to save the world!

James H. Schmitz and “Space Opera” were almost synonymous. He was best known for his tales of interstellar secret agents and, galactic criminals, and particularly for heroines like Telzey Amberdon and Trigger Argee. This collection of stories, while not lacking in cosmic adventures also shows that he was capable of showing other facets in his work. Find adventure, humor and fear in… Schmitz Resurrected! Stories include: An Incident on Route 12, Watch the Sky, The Other Likeness, The Star Hyacinths, Oneness, The Winds of Time, Ham Sandwich, Gone Fishing

When Professor Denham and his daughter are marooned in the fifth-dimension, it is up to playboy mathematician Tommy Reeves to rescue them. But to do this he not only must recreate the professor’s invention, the fifth-dimension catapult, he must also battle not only monsters and the Ragged Men in the fifth dimension but also gangsters in his own! This book contains two complete novellas from the pages of Astounding Stories; “The Fifth-Dimension Catapult” and “The Fifth-Dimension Tube.”

H. B. Fyfe wrote in that golden age of science fiction before reality had intruded to spoil imagination. His stories dealt mostly with the interaction of humans and aliens on far off worlds in ways that were as creative as they were imaginative. Most of his works have long been out of print and hard to find, but Resurrected Press , with this volume gives you these stories included in the Fyfe Resurrected Anthology: “In Value Deceived”, “The Envoy, Her”, “This World Must Die”, “Ransom”, “Manners of the Age”, Let There Be Light”, “Exile”, “Irresistible Weapon”, “Fee of the Frontier”, “A Transmutation of Muddles”, “The Wedge”, “Satellite System”, “The Outbreak of Peace”, “Flamedown”, and “The Talkative Tree”.

Best known for the novels that led to the movies “Total Recall,” “Blade Runner,” and “A Scanner Darkly,” Philip K. Dick started his career writing shorter fiction. This collection brings together some of these stories, many of which have not been available since their original publication in the early 1950’s, to provide insights into one of the most important science fiction authors of the late 20th century. Take the opportunity to read these works of his formative years. Included in this anthology: Beyond Lies The Wub, The Gun, The Skull, Piper In The Woods, Mr. Spaceship, The Defenders, Second Variety, The Variable Man, The Eyes Have It, Beyond The Door, and The Crystal Crypt.

Lockley was on a routine surveying mission near Boulder Lake, Colorado when a mysterious object from space appears to land in the lake. When radio contact with the rest of the survey party is interrupted, most men would have tried to escape, but Lockley’s first thought was of Jill Holmes and rescuing her. Facing a terrifying incapacitating weapon of the aliens and a government quarantine surrounding the landing site he hopes to escape from… Operation Terror!