Jesse F. Bone Resurrected – Editor’s Notes

Jesse F. Bone Resurrected: Selected Stories of Jesse Franklin Bone

There isn’t a lot of biographical information readily available on Jesse Franklin Bone.  At the time this is written, there is no Wikipedia entry, no internet bibliography, only links to some of his works that are in the public domain.  In the end, like any author, what we have to judge him on our his works.

The eight stories contained in this collection span a period of four years from 1958 to 1962.  They were originally published in some of the more well known magazines of the period, Galaxy, Amazing Science Fiction Stories, Analog and IF.  Some are serious, some humorous, but most blend the two in a manner that was typical of much of the science fiction of the era known as “The Golden Age.”

The subject matter of these stories is typical of the period, as well, most of them dealing with the interaction of humans and aliens or humans and technology.  With the realities of “the space age” still mostly in the future, writers such as Bone were free to use their imagination unconstrained by inconvenient facts to create worlds and races specifically designed to help them make their point or their punch line.  I think this is what really made the 50’s and early 60’s “The Golden Age.”

There are certainly better known authors from the period, but Bone’s work can hold its own.  It is still readable, still enjoyable.  What more can we ask of an author.  When the concept for this series of books came up, Jesse Franklin Bone’s name was one of the first that came to mind for inclusion.  I hope that after you read these stories you will agree with that judgement.  Order the book here!

Greg Fowlkes
Resurrected Press

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