Murray Leinster Resurrected

Murray Leinster Resurrected: Science Fiction Stories from the 1950’s – Now available from Resurrected Press!

For over five decades, Murray Leinster was one of the most respected names in science fiction. Though he began writing at the dawn of the pulp era his work evolved with the times. The ten stories collected here appeared during the 50’s, that “Golden Age” of the genre. Spanning the gamut from alien invasions to alternate realities, they form a fitting display of his talents in what was his fourth decade as a writer. Resurrected Press is proud to bring you Murray Leinster Resurrected, including the following stories:
The Invaders, Sam This is You, Scrimshaw, Sand Doom, The Machine That Saved the World, The Aliens, A Matter of Importance, Attention Saint Patrick, The Leader, The Ambulance Made Two Trips

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