Stanley Weinbaum Resurrected

 Stanley Weinbaum Resurrected: The Short Stories of Stanley Weinbaum

From his first published story, Stanley Weinbaum seemed destined to become one of the greats of science fiction, until his career was tragically cut short after a mere year and a half. That first story, “A Martian Odyssey,” was considered to be one of the three most influential science fiction stories by Isaac Asimov. With its portrayal of the alien, Tweel, it set a new standard for imagination and altered the course of science fiction for ever. Each of those that followed were equally as ground breaking in their own right. While “A Martian Odyssey” has been anthologized numerous times, the rest of his work has been less available.

Now, Resurrected Press is proud to offer you this collection of all his short stories including:

A Martian Odyssey, Valley of Dreams, The Worlds of If, The Ideal, The Point of View, Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters, The Planet of Doubt, Flight on Titan, The Red Peri, The Mad Moon, Redemption Cairn, Pygmalion’s Spectacles, The Adaptive Ultimate, Proteus Island, The Circle of Zero, The Brink of Infinity, Shifting Seas

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