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Supermind is the conclusion of the series featuring that paragon of the FBI, agent Kenneth Malone as he confronts yet another psychic enemy of the United States.  This novel is an expanded version of the story “Occasion for Disaster” that appeared in the November 1960 through February 1961 issues of Analog Science Fact & Fiction magazine.

In this adventure it becomes apparent that some outside agent is causing chaos and confusion at all levels of government by inducing inefficiency, ineptness, and downright incompetence.  It sounds hard to believe, doesn’t it, but the effect is traced down to bursts of psychic static that are affecting the minds of those in positions of authority.  At first it appears to be the work of the Kremlin, and Malone travels to Russia in the company of Queen Elizabeth the First (Rose Thompson) and the beautiful Luba Garbitsch.  But, on discovering that the Soviet Union is as messed up as the United States, Malone realizes he is facing a much deeper conspiracy.

Garrett and Janifer take all the clichés of the period, Russian spies, government incompetence, world-wide conspiracies to take over the world, and stand them on their heads.  After applying mass quantities of alcohol, and copious amounts of tobacco products (this was the early 60’s) Malone finally is able to penetrate to the heart of the conspiracy behind all the problems of the world.

Supermind is a product of its time, those days of paranoia and fun known as the sixties.  It was written in the same spirit that brought us the movies The President’s Analyst and Dr. Strangelove, and serves as a fitting conclusion to the trilogy of novels featuring agent Malone;  Brain Twister, The Impossibles, and Supermind.

Resurrected Press is proud to bring these three novels to you for your enjoyment.

About the Author

 Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips was the pen named used b Randall Garrett and Laurence Janifer for the three novels, Brain Twister, The Impossibles, and Supermind.  The pair was nominated for a Hugo for best novel for Brain Twister in 1960.  They also collaborated on the novel Pagan Passions.

 Randall Garrett

Gordon Randall Garrett (December 16, 1927-December 31, 1987) was a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy.  He was a regular contributor to Astounding and other magazines during the 50’s and 60’s.  He is best known for his alternate reality stories featuring the detective Lord Darcy who lives in a world where the Plantagenates still rule an Anglo-French empire and magic works.  He wrote under a number of pseudonyms including David Gordon, John Gordon, Ivar Jorgensen, Darrel T. Langart, Gerald Vance and others.  He collaborated on several works with Laurence Janifer and with Robert Silverberg as Robert Randall.  He was a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

 Laurence M. Janifer

Laurence M. Janifer (March 17, 1933-July 10, 2002) was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Originally named Laurence M. Harris, he changed his name to Janifer, which was the name of his Polish grandfather.  Starting with the publication of a story in 1959 his writing career spanned three decades.  Many of his early stories were published under the name Larry M. Harris.  He collaborated on a number of stories and novels with Randall Garrett, often using the pseudonym Mark Phillips.  In addition to his career as a writer, he served as an editor for various magazines and literary agencies.

 Greg Fowlkes
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