The Rome Express

The Rome Express by Arthur Griffiths – Now available from Resurrected Press!

Before “The Orient Express” there was…

The Rome Express.  The very words conjure up a romantic time when travel, at least for those who could afford a compartment in a first class car, was elegant and refined. One could board the night train in Rome, dine along the way, sleep in comfortable accommodations and wake up at the station in Paris refreshed and ready to go.

This is the picture that Major Arthur Griffiths paints in “The Rome Express.” Of course, not everything can be expected to run smoothly, especially when a body is discovered in one of the compartments.

Who was he? Who was his murderer? The Countess? The English General? His brother the clergy man? The maid who has disappeared? Is the French justice system up to solving the crime?  Find the answers to these questions in “The Rome Express.”

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