The Shrieking Pit

The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J, Reese – Now available from Resurrected Press!

When archaeologist Roger Glenthorpe is found murdered in a remote seaside inn on the Norfolk coast, it seems to the local police to be an open and shut case.  The only question is whether the shell shocked soldier that is arrested will be found guilty or judged insane due to furor epilepticus.  But when private detective Grant Colwyn is called in to investigate he finds more than one reason to think the young man is innocent.  But who then did commit murder?  The cash strapped innkeeper?  The innkeeper’s mother who is confined to her room because she is given to violent outbursts?  The innkeeper’s beautiful daughter?  What role does the spectral White Lady play?  Does her appearance really presage death?  And what is the source of the hideous shrieking that comes from the prehistoric flint pit where the body was found?

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